How to Create a Vintage Glamour Style Wedding to Add Hollywood Shine

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Vintage glamour style weddings are some of the most popular themes out there right now. There’s just something about that 1940′s Hollywood look with the fishtail dresses, gorgeous hats, and feathered flower arrangements that is attractive for the modern bride. If this style really appeals to you, here are some ways that you can achieve it at your wedding.

Start with the venue. If you really want a glamour wedding, a glam venue is important. It might be worth spending a little extra money on a venue that doesn’t need to be decorated as much. Look for little details like beautiful wallpaper or ceilings or old-fashioned wooden floors.

If you do have to decorate your venue to make it look more vintage glam, not to worry. There are plenty of ways to do this. One is to add lots of feathers into your decorations. Mirrors are excellent ways to bring in this theme, too. You can purchase rounded mirrors inexpensively, and you can also get ostrich feathers and other types of feathers for your centrepieces and other decorations without too much effort. These can easily be worked into more traditional looking flower arrangements to make them look more 1940′s style.

Wedding favours in the vintage glam theme can be fun, too. Why not get copies of mixed CDs from the era, or give guests copies of old Hollywood movies? Another option is to have linen napkins monogrammed for your guests, or you can even have them take home small bottles of sparkling water or champagne with labels that match your colours and vintage glam theme.

One of the best ways to add that vintage look to your wedding is with the dresses you choose. Dresses from this era are often sleek through the knees, where they flare out mermaid style. Your bridal dress can suit this style, and adding a deep V neck will make it even more glamorous. Add in more details like rhinestones and vintage jewelry to really draw the theme together.

Choosing your veil and hairstyle wisely will also add that glam element to your wedding ensemble. In the 1940′s, small boxy hats that sat on the back of the head and had short veils were popular. This is a great way to really complete a vintage style dress.

Another great option is to hire a vintage car for the day. If nothing else, you’ll get some excellent pictures in it! Check around with different services to see if you can get a 1940′s car for your wedding day. It can take you from your ceremony to your reception, and it can be a fun, memorable point to the day.

Incorporating different decorations and elements into a vintage glamour style wedding can be fun and exciting. It can end up with one of the most memorable weddings your guests have ever been to.


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