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Family Style Wedding Receptions

November 23rd, 2022

One of the more popular ideas for a wedding reception is to serve the food family style. At this type of party, all of the food is placed on the table in large platters that are passed around, rather than having a waiter serve each guest an individual plate of food. Family style service can be less stuffy than traditional plated dinners, and yet more gracious than a buffet. Here are some ideas on how to arrange for a family style wedding reception that your guests will love.

Family style catering ties in with the trend favoring fewer long reception tables over many small round ones. The idea is that this type of set-up is more relaxed and convivial, allowing for a welcoming and intimate reception. It is almost like everyone just happened to stop by your house for an impromptu gathering over good food and great conversation. Sort of like what happens at the end of that show “Everyday Italian” on the Food Network, where all of Giada de Laurentiis’ friends and neighbors show up for a casual yet elegant feast in her backyard.

This type of party is especially popular with brides who trying to create a casual or rustic elegance for their receptions. You picture the bride in a flowing gown with simple handmade wedding jewelry and loose wavy hair walking around the long tables, chatting effortlessly with her guests as they enjoy her hospitality. In my personal mental picture, the reception is taking place outdoors in a vineyard or a meadow, but certainly family style service works well in indoor locations too. The idea is that the more relaxed feeling will help to get conversation flowing more readily among strangers, and will help all of the guests to feel as though they are part of one big happy family.